CWI Identifying Gaps in Cannabis Instructional Design

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so does the need for quality education. At CWI (Cannabis Workforce Initiative), we have been actively engaging with universities and community-based educators across the state, listening to their concerns and identifying the gaps in cannabis instructional design for the emerging cannabis industry. One of the prominent needs that has emerged is the demand for visual and audio aids to enhance the learning experience. In response, CWI is taking a proactive approach by developing comprehensive instructional resources to address this requirement.

In response to the need for visual and audio aids, CWI has embarked on a project to create comprehensive audio/visual guides for educators in the cannabis field. These resources are available on our website free of charge, empowering instructors to incorporate multimedia elements into their teaching methodologies. From posters illustrating key concepts to engaging animations that bring complex processes to life, CWI is committed to equipping educators with the tools they need to deliver high-quality instruction.

Animated Educational Resources:
In collaboration with Dr. Dustin McCall of SUNY Orange, whose expertise in CO2 extraction has been invaluable.

Rochester Library

At CWI, we firmly believe that robust educational resources are essential for the advancement of the cannabis industry. By identifying and addressing gaps in instructional design, we strive to elevate the learning experience and empower both educators and learners. Through collaborative efforts, such as the audio/visual guides, we aim to foster an environment of knowledge-sharing and excellence in cannabis education.

We invite educators, students, and enthusiasts alike to join us in this endeavor to enhance cannabis education. Keep an eye out for CWI’s growing resource library, which will be made available on this website as they’re released. Additionally, stay connected with us on social media and via our email newsletter to receive updates on our progress, new initiatives, and educational collaborations.


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