Unveiling the New York Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act: Empowering Agricultural Workers

In the heart of New York State’s agricultural landscape, a groundbreaking legislation called the Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act (FLFLPA) has emerged to protect and empower farm laborers. This comprehensive act grants farm workers vital rights and safeguards their interests. To explore the full scope of this transformative legislation, we invite you to download our complete resource, which delves deeper into the provisions and implications of the FLFLPA.

  1. Who is covered under the FLFLPA? Discover who falls under the protective umbrella of the FLFLPA and why this legislation represents a significant milestone for farm workers in New York State.
  2. Unveiling farm laborers’ rights: Explore the powerful rights granted to farm laborers under the FLFLPA, including their ability to form and join unions, engage in collective bargaining, and participate in concerted activities for mutual aid and protection.
  3. A delicate balance: Employer obligations and prohibited actions: Uncover the responsibilities that employers must adhere to and the actions they are strictly forbidden from engaging in under the FLFLPA, ensuring a fair and respectful working environment.
  4. Empowering farm laborers’ voices: Learn about the FLFLPA’s provisions that allow farm laborers to speak directly with their employers about working conditions without fear of coercion or interference.
  5. Union certification process: Discover the voluntary process that farm laborers undertake to form a union under the FLFLPA, promoting collective representation and giving workers a stronger voice in shaping their working conditions.
  6. Protecting rights: Reporting violations: Find out how farm laborers can seek recourse if they believe their rights have been violated under the FLFLPA and the role of the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in investigating complaints.

To access the full resource and gain a comprehensive understanding of the New York Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act, click here.

By downloading our complete resource, you’ll unlock a wealth of information that delves deeper into the FLFLPA, exploring its nuances and the transformative impact it has on farm laborers in New York State.

Disclaimer: This article serves as a brief introduction to the New York Farm Laborer Fair Labor Practices Act and does not substitute for legal advice. For specific inquiries and guidance, please consult a qualified attorney or labor rights organization.


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