Cannabis Career Exploration Training and Job Fair

You are invited to apply to attend the Cannabis Career Exploration Training and Job Fair!

Please see the details below and be sure to read through the dates, schedule, and opportunities available for attendees.

Overview & Training

This event is a Training and Job Fair for those who are interested in working in the cannabis industry. During this training, attendees will receive an overview of industry opportunities and learn about the cannabis plant. After a brief lunch, attendees will then receive a training that dives into the retail side of cannabis, offering insight into the best practices for working in a dispensary and other outlets. These trainings are designed to pair well with your existing transferable skills to prepare you for work in the cannabis industry!

After the training is complete, attendees will be invited to join a Cannabis Industry Job Fair, where they’ll be met by employers who are prepared to receive resumes for positions in the cannabis industry. Light refreshments will be available.

Additional Details

📍 This event will be held in-person in Lower Manhattan.

♿️ The location is ADA accessible and compliant.

💡 There will be use of projectors and the lighting may be dimmed.

🎤 There will be usage of microphones and speakers for vocal projection.

🎶 There will be music at various points of the event, though none during periods of direct learning/training.

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