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Scene 1: Opening Statement The Cannabis Plant 

Welcome to the Cannabis Workforce Initiative, Cannabis Hospitality course. My name is David Serrano, I’m the CWI project manager and your guide to industry jobs and best practices. This course is intended to be a high-level overview of cannabis hospitality, and the various practices deployed to characterize and sell cannabis products directly to consumers. It’s important to note that this course could never be a substitute for on-the-job training, or an academic approach to certification and/or credentialing. Although there are a number of entry level jobs in the cannabis industry that require no degrees or certifications, we encourage viewers to consider a certificate or degree path from one of our network educators. Having a degree or certificate can oftentimes make your resume more competitive, and give you confidence in your future role. You can find a growing list of partners at 

This presentation, Cannabis Hospitality, is brought to you by the Cannabis Workforce Initiative (CWI). 

Scene 2: CWI’s Mission statement to Support a Diverse and Equitable Workforce  

The New York State Cannabis Workforce Initiative is a collaboration between the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University and the New York Workforce Development Institute. Our mission is to promote and support social equity in the adult-use cannabis market, by providing quality workforce development and legal education. Our work, supported by a state budget appropriation, prioritizes diversity, equity, and quality jobs in the emerging cannabis industry. We do this through skills training, entrepreneurism services, workforce supports, legal education for employees and employers, and the development of high-road career pathways. 

Together, we’re laying the groundwork to create tens of thousands of new jobs in this emerging industry. We want to help individuals explore multiple career pathways — from seed to sale. Whether it’s cultivation, testing, operations, or entrepreneurism, there are multiple pathways into this industry. That’s why education and training will be key to ensuring your success! 

Scene 3: Responsible Use and Service

The Office of Cannabis Management is tasked with rule-making and licensure for all cannabis businesses. This video is not intended to represent current regulatory allowances. As the rules and regs become available, be sure to check back in with us for updated training content.

This video aims to explore the skills needed to succeed in cannabis hospitality with industry best practices. For the purposes of this video, hospitality represents the method in which cannabis retail agents engage consumers in a licensed retail environment.  

Some of the important skills needed to be a successful cannabis server are many of the same skills that front-end sales associates would have in most retail industries.

1. Knowledge of related products.

2. Good Communication skills.

3. Demonstration skills.

4. Interpersonal skills.

5. Customer service skills.

6. Sales skills.

Scene 4: Determining what to sell, product placement, and signage

Making a determination on what to sell is oftentimes the most crucial decision a small business owner will make. As a sales specialist, it’s important to keep tabs on industry trends and ensure you’re stocking your shelves with products that are in demand. For instance, according to a study conducted earlier this year by flowhub, an industry technology company, whole-flower dominates all sales transactions by 61%, while concentrates sits at 22%, and edibles at 9%. With a little research, you could create a strategy to meet market demands.  

Scene 5: Client Surveying and sales

To help us demonstrate industry best practices, we’ve asked Andrew Muire to show us how the Topshelf Budtender does it best. Andrew has served 10’s of thousands of consumers from all over the world and is recognized as a leader in cannabis hospitality. You might want to take out your pen and paper for this one, Andrew promised to drop serious knowledge on us all. 

Scene 6: Outro

Well, that’s it for now. On behalf of the entire team at the Cannabis Workforce Initiative, we wish you the best and hope you find our programming helpful in your cannabis industry studies. Stay tuned for more content that showcases specific job opportunities, as well as the basic day-to-day responsibilities of these jobs. 

Next up: “Cannabis Compliance”