Unveiling the Symphony of Soil: Part 1 of 4 Cannabis Plant Animations

Welcome to the inaugural installment of our four-part exploration into the intricate world of cannabis cultivation. Join us as we embark on a detailed journey that complements our animation series. Today, we unveil the hidden symphony of soil and its pivotal role in nurturing thriving cannabis plants. Our journey begins by peeling back the layers […]

New York City Enacts Bill Requiring Notice and Posting of “Workers’ Bill of Rights”

Beginning on July 1, 2024, New York City employers will be required under a newly enacted city law to distribute and post a Workers’ Bill of Rights notice informing employees of their employment rights. The law aims to safeguard the rights of employees and independent contractors throughout the city. This initiative, spearheaded by the Department […]

Companion Planting Benefits for Cannabis: Harnessing the Power of Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, and Nitrogen Fixers

Photo Credit: Huckleberry Farms in Humboldt, CA Companion planting is a centuries-old gardening practice that involves strategically planting different types of crops together to create a harmonious and productive ecosystem. This method has gained popularity among cannabis cultivators because it offers a natural and chemical-free way to enhance plant growth, deter pests, and improve overall […]

Discovering Cannabis: The Secret of Trichomes

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of cannabis and uncover one of its well-kept secrets – trichomes? These tiny powerhouses on the surface of cannabis plants have a unique job: they protect the plant and hold the ingredients that make cannabis special. Think of trichomes like little factories on the outside of cannabis […]

Unveiling Nature’s Secrets: The Science of Cannabis Extraction using Supercritical CO2

In the dynamic world of cannabis, a game-changing innovation has taken center stage: supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. This cutting-edge method has transformed how valuable compounds within the plant’s trichomes are harnessed. Let’s explore CO2 extraction’s details and its crucial role in driving the cannabis sector forward. From extraction techniques to a wide array of […]

Exploring the Aromatic World of Terpenes: Unveiling Cannabis’ Scent and Flavor

In the intricate world of cannabis, there’s more than meets the eye – or should we say, the nose and palate. Have you ever wondered why different strains of cannabis possess distinct scents and flavors? The answer lies within a group of compounds known as terpenes. In this blog, we’ll delve into the captivating realm […]

Demystifying Cannabinoids: Origins, Derivatives, and Exploration

Within the trichomes of the cannabis plant, resins hold chemicals known as cannabinoids. These compounds are responsible for the array of effects and potential benefits that have captivated researchers and enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the fascinating realm of cannabinoids, their origins within the plant, and how they […]

How Cannabis Plants Absorb Nutrients: The Rhizophagy Cycle and Beneficial Microbes

Last week, we explored how compost soil offers a nutrient rich foundation for cannabis cultivation. These nutrients are absorbed through the plant’s root system, a process known as rhizophagy (pronounced: rahy-ZOF-uh-jee). But did you know that beneficial microbes play a crucial role in this nutrient absorption process? The rhizophagy cycle begins with beneficial microbes, including […]

The Benefits of Compost Soil in Cannabis Cultivation: 3 Reasons to Use It

Compost soil offers numerous advantages for cannabis cultivation, providing a nutrient-rich foundation, improving soil structure, and aiding in disease suppression. Here’s three key reasons why incorporating compost soil into your cannabis growing practices can lead to healthier plants and a more sustainable cultivation process: Sustainable Waste Management Options: In addition to the benefits of compost […]